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The Artists Way

This blog sat dormant for three years for good reason. Many photographers (myself included) have a pervasive theme of self-flattery in their writings, posts extolling their work, their business, their creativity, their success. Look at me! Look at me! No doubt one ought to be proud of their work and to share it with others. This is healthy--to a point. Yet, after reading the third post in a row where the photographer/artist showcases their artistic brilliance, it begins to smell of self-flattery. I don't know about you but I find that boring. There is enough self-flattery in the world to butter it three times over.

Instead I propose something different. I propose a more wide-ranging blog that moves the lion's share of the focus away from my business, Lorei Portraits, and onto The Artists Way, the journey, what moves, motivates and frustrates an artist. The goal is to have a blog that is a bit broader than portrait photography--though portrait photography will still be a primary focus. This newly revamped blog will feature interviews with singular artists, seminal books, personal projects, inspiration and frustration. The challenges of becoming an artist are monumental, so too the joys. Thanks for joining us.

On a personal note, my interests fall from photography to painting, literature, illustration,film and the world of ideas.


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