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Interview with Guggenheim Fellow: Robert Langham Pt. 1

Robert Langham III was named a Guggenheim fellow in 2022. He is a nationally acclaimed fine art and landscape photographer from Tyler, Texas. He studied for five summers under Ansel Adams. He is also a national champion marksman, a bit of an armchair philosopher, and a personal friend. Robert and I became aquainted in the 1980s when I was in the advertising business and he and I worked on several commercial photoshoots. He introduced me to the world of photography as an artistic and philosophical platform. (On a side note, he and I trained together and competed in several 10Ks and triathlons. Neither of us ever finished much more than better than average. He was the better runner. I was the better swimmer.) Here is the first part of an extended interview. How Robert found his way to photography.

Here are a couple of his images:

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