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Sticky Business

If you know me, you know that I am a portrait guy.  I create portraits of people.  In other words, what's a nice portrait guy like you doing creating static images of food?  Here's what.

A few months ago Joseph Burkett the founder and owner of Old State Farms in Emlenton, PA shot me an email and asked about food photography.  He wanted to update his website, his e-commerce presence.  I told him I was not an expert and that there were food photography specialists that could really do a bang up job.  Food was not my thing. I turned the job down. So, he contacted a photographer that he thought was out of Pittsburgh but was really out of LA and happened to be really out of his price range.  So he called me back and asked if I would reconsider.  I thought, I might be able to do a reasonably good job.  I'll give it a try.

Joseph gave me a little guidance on the types of images he was looking for.  I did a little search, gathered a few textured items that might photograph well.  Joseph arrived with a bevy of food items and ancillary props.  It was impressive.  So, we went for it.  We weren't matching a particular graphic style.  He gave me the freedom to create.

A little background on myself.  I started in the ad agency business just out of college, and worked for several small agencies and one giant one, Young & Rubicam.  I was an account exec, not a photographer.  However, every place I went, (don't ask me why) they all trusted my eye, my sense of composition and what makes a strong image.  In fact, they let me assist on photo shoots--especially at the small agencies.  I worked on product shots--things like industrial and medical parts. 

So here I was 33 years later, with 33 years of portrait experience, being asked to revert back to my roots in the photography world.  What a riot. I got to use every trick I ever knew about lighting from weddings, studio images, location portrait, and waaaaay back to the world of product shots.  Don't ask me why, I felt like a kid in a candy shop.  What a delight to cycle back--if only for a day--to my roots.  

But perhaps the most fun part of all was that I got to sample the most delicious maple syrup ever.

Sticky business indeed.

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