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Portrait of a Lady

My goal this year is 50 self-assignment portraits.  That is, I choose the subject and the style rather than the client contracting me to create.  It is how I push myself creatively.  (Creativity, like any muscle, needs a regular workout.)  Overall, this year has been terrific, and I ought not to pat myself on the back, but we have created some fabulous images for business, Bistro portraits, and beyond (i.e. families).

Still, the year was not half over and I needed to up my game.

What would be a significant challenge?  What group never gets photographed?  One could make the case that the least photographed demographic is older women.  And, seeing as Mother's Day was fast approaching, an idea struck me: What if I photographed my own mother for Mother's Day.  What a novel idea.  Mom is 85...and wrinkled, and not overly thrilled about stepping in front of a camera.  Now that's a challenge.  So, I asked if she would be so kind as to be my subject.

Then a terrifying thought struck me: How does one photograph an 85 year old woman?  There are no manuals or how-tos.  All the images skew young.  Try finding that category on Pinterest.  Who photographs octogenarians?  I guess, the answer, was obvious, photograph her like any other woman, with grace, charm and verrrrry soft light.

So, here's my mom in all her octogenarian beauty.

Happy Mother's Day.

And, if you happen to be thinking about your own mom, we have a Mother's Day offer that makes it a whole lot more possible.  We have $400 portrait certificates for only $199 from now until Mother' Day.  Check for a link on our home page. Or, call our studio at 814-868-0888. 

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