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When I started this business in 1990, we embarked on a different course.  While all the other photographers had a studio and worked primarily indoors, we specialized in outdoor and location portraits.  At the time, it was a bit of a risky move.  Clients had the expectation of creating their portraits inside where the weather is nice.  I had to convince them that we would go outdoors, with all the usual concerns about wind and rain and bugs.  With Presque Isle State Park--home of the most beautiful sunsets in North America--right in our backyard, it was not that hard a sell.  Within a few years, we became known for our beach portraits. They are gorgeous and heroic.  And, they are the flagship style most associated with our brand--right up to the present day.  

And while we still love beach and location portraits, it created a problem:  our schedule was packed over the summer and fall.  Those wanting portraits the rest of the year, when the weather is less than ideal, had to wait.  Yes, we had a small studio, fine for business portraits and small families.  But if a larger group came, I had to beg and borrow for a room big enough.  So, four years ago, we took a big risk.  We moved next door, tripled our space, and created the largest portrait studio in the region.  Since that time I have been back in school so-to-speak, tinkering, adding lights, developing new lighting techniques, going to seminars, studying with some of the top portrait artists in the nation, and developing our style.  Now, if the truth be known, our studio portraits rival our location portraits.  The lighting, posing and mood we create in studio is so stunning, so powerful, it is a force all its own.  Welcome back to the studio. 

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