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Tips on Portrait Style

Indoor vs. Outdoor

People often ask me:  Where is the best location for a family portrait: indoors or outdoors?  That's a great question. But before we can answer it, we need to know:  Do you like portraits more casual or more formal?  Do you like the beach or the woods or just the closeness of family?  What does your family do together?  

  • Outdoor vs. Indoor.  Outdoor portraits bring the beauty of nature.  The scenery is authentic, natural, heroic.  The poses tend to be a bit more casual and informal.  They are beautiful and our studio has been shooting on location for twenty-six years. There is a downside, we cannot control the weather.  While 90% of sessions go on the date and time scheduled, the other 10% get rained out.  And, we do most outdoor portraits the months of May through October.  The rest of the months are--for the most part--not ideal.  Indoor portraits, however, are year round. The lighting is controlled.  The weather is always perfect.  Indoor portraits have an extra level of consideration & refinement. If you are looking for something more elegant, more sophisticated, more painterly, indoors is a great option. Many of our painterly portraits are created in our magnificent studio.   What's more, they are perfect for families with infants.  Be sure to browse our galleries for ideas. 

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