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Tips for a Great Headshot

So you would like to have a great looking headshot, business portrait, personal image for social media.  Well, here are a few tips that you may find helpful.

  • Clothes.  Be sure to wear them.  Solids often work best.  Keep patterns subtle.  Choose colors that flatter you.  We often change the background to better match the clothing.  For a business portrait, a blazer is always good. 

  • Gentlemen, for a business portrait, bring a dark blazer and a few ties and a different colored shirt.  Wear your favorites and bring options.

  • Ladies, wear your favorite outfit and bring an option or two.  Think of the outfit that you look great and feel most confident in.  Chances are, it flatters you.  Textured fabrics work well.  If your arms are tone, it is fine to show them.  Otherwise, consider long sleeves.  We don't want anything to compete with the face.  When in doubt color-wise, darker tones and black are almost universally flattering and slimming.

  • Hair & Makeup.  Ladies, consider having your hair and makeup done professionally.  We have an alliance with a hair salon that does a beautiful job.  

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