Something Old, Something New

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

My love for painting goes back to when I was a kid.  When I was eight years old I wanted to be a painter.  My parents got me a set of oil paints and I set out to take the art world by storm...which never exactly happened.  Fast forward about four decades and the world of photography began to merge with the world of paint.  Over the last twelve years we (our studio) have been experimenting with paintings.  What starts as a photograph gets completely repainted and remade.  And, no matter what I do in the world of portrait photography, I find myself always circling back to the world of paint.

Here are two images.  The first is a straight photograph I created last fall.   The second is a work in progress.  I am repainting it.  While it is not complete, it gives an idea of where we're taking it and how different the worlds of photography and painting are.

Update: You can view the finished piece here.

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