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Art Portraits

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Why Choose Lorei Portraits?

Your family is your most beautiful work of art. Since 1990 thousands of families have trusted us to create stunning and beautiful portraits for home and office. A portrait says, “I count, I’m loved, and I belong.” Let’s face it, children grow up, parents grow older. Are you due for a portrait? At Lorei Portraits we stop time, create a legacy, and celebrate family. We offer careful planning, stress-free sessions and beautiful portraits. Every portrait, large or small, is a work of art.

Let us help you, tell your story

Three Simple Steps

1. Call + Schedule

Call (814) 868-0888. Schedule a time for a design consultation. We'll plan your session, answer your questions, and put you on the path to portrait bliss.


2. Dream + Create

Beautiful art takes preparation. From location and clothing to choosing your favorites, we are committed to giving you stunning portraits, and a delightful experience.


3. Display + Enjoy

Nothing will give you more joy than seeing your portraits every day and knowing your legacy has been preserved for generations to come.

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What Goes Into a
Lorei Portrait?

Over thirty years of love, sweat, and tears goes into every Lorei Portrait. Since 1990 we have helped thousands of families create stunning and beautiful portraits for home and office. Every image is enhanced by an artist, custom printed, mounted, stretched, glazed, and (often) framed. Each portrait, large or small, is a work of art. 

How many years will slip by
without a family portrait?

Create something that lasts.

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Our Story

In 1990 I was in grad school with a young family living on beans and rice.  We had two small children, then three-four-five.  I was hoping to write the Great American Novel but words are cheap, and even harder to eat.  With bills to pay, and some background in my father's school pictures biz we started.


I remember taking a portrait of our children down at the beach. None of the kids were smiling. I stared at the proof (this was back in the film days) and rejected it. In frustration, I told them that we would have to re-shoot. My wife, who is often much calmer than I, urged me to look at the proof again, to see it for what it was. How had I missed it? The image had a timelessness, a serenity, a subtle joy. It was beautiful, like a painting. We had a large portrait made and hung it on our dining room wall. It has never come down. 
Since then we have served thousands of  great families and individuals, each unique and beautiful. 

Paul & Gretchen Lorei

Don't let time slip away.


Simply fill out the form below or call us at (435) 986-8272


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