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In 1990 I was in grad school with a young family living on beans and rice.  We had two small children, then three-four-five.  I was hoping to write the Great American Novel but words are cheap, and even harder to eat.  With bills to pay, and some background in my father's school pictures biz we started.


I remember taking a portrait of our children down at the beach. None of the kids were smiling. I stared at the proof (this was back in the film days) and rejected it. In frustration, I told them that we would have to re-shoot. My wife, who is often much calmer than I, urged me to look at the proof again, to see it for what it was. How had I missed it? The image had a timelessness, a serenity, a subtle joy. It was beautiful, like a painting. We had a large portrait made and hung it on our dining room wall. It has never come down. 
Since then we have served thousands of  great families and individuals, each unique and beautiful.           


Paul Lorei


Your family is your most beautiful work of art. Since 1990 thousands of families have trusted us to create stunning and beautiful portraits for home and office. A portrait says, “I count, I’m loved, and I belong.” Let’s face it, children grow up, parents grow older. Are you due for a portrait? At Lorei Portraits we stop time, create a legacy, and celebrate family. We offer careful planning, stress-free sessions and beautiful portraits. Every portrait, large or small, is a work of art.

Let us help you, tell your story

to beautiful portraits 

Three Simple Steps

Call + Schedule

Call (814) 868-0888. Schedule a time for a design consultation at our studio. We'll plan your session, answer your questions, and put you on the path to portrait bliss.

Dream + Create

Beautiful art takes preparation. From location and clothing to choosing your favorites, we are committed to giving you stunning portraits, and a delightful experience.

Display + Enjoy

Nothing will give you more joy than seeing your portraits every day and knowing your legacy has been preserved for generations to come.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does a FREE consultation work?

This is just a 30 minute meeting over the phone where I get to know you and discuss the scope of your design needs. It is common that, especially when working with businesses who havent addressed their brand or marketing in a long time, or are maybe just starting up, there are quite a few things I would reccommend to make them stand out for their customers and amidst their competition. Determining which design services are affordable, or which are the highest priority, is something I can help walk you through. I love helping clients form a comprehensive plan first, even if it means executing it in phases, or starting with a series of smaller one-off projects to establish trust and build a rapport. I want to work with you over time to make your business great. Please contact me today to get started.

What do you charge for your services?

The short answer, it depends entirely on the project. Typically, I charge either: 1. A flat rate for designs where I am 100% of the scope of work beforhand 2. An hourly rate for the variable process of developing the creatives, seeking approvals, overseeing printing and production, copywriting, redo's, etc. These rates vary based on which parts of the process you will oversee and which I have to manage on your behalf. As an example: If a client with a nice-looking, modern brand comes to me with 2-4 pages of professionally written copy and the goal of creating a 2-sided flyer for their business - this will be extremely affordable for them based on the materials they have provided. I will likely just charge a flat rate for the flyer and we'll move on to discussing printing/production costs. In contrast: If a client comes to me and says "I need a brochure for my business" and only sends me a link to their website with outdated information and branding, there will be a large amount of up-front and on-going communication required to get everything in order before work can begin. Then, there will be ground up content creation, which, to be safe, requires multiple stages of approval. Situations like this obviously must be charged hourly because it is impossible to predict the scope of work beforehand. I am confident that we will be able to negotiate the right price to get fantastic work done and make it worth both of our respective time.

Do I own my designs once work is complete?

Yes! You have 100% ownership to anything that I create for you once its paid for. After a project is approved and completed, I will send you an invoice for the work and await payment. After payment is confirmed, I package all of your assets in digital format and send you a file cache that you own and control for any future use. If you ever happen to lose your designs, please reach out to me as I keep backups for all my clients in the event this occurs. Obviously, I would love to work with you in the future on any other design proects, but I don't beleive in holding clients hostage with the work they've paid for. The end of a project can be the end of our working relationship, or the beginning of a long-term partnership. I leave the choice entirely up to you.

What businesses do you not serve / services do you not provide?

I'm opened-minded to working with any industry, but I reserve the right to refuse opportunities if I feel they are not promoting products or services I believe in. Though, typically this has never been a concern. If I do refuse a project, it is likely because the scope of the work is so ill-defined that I cannot see a path forward, or I believe the business cannot pay for the services they are requesting. I do not provide programming, custom-coding, video/audio production & editing, or animation services as of this time. Through my industry experience as a digital markeitng manager, all of these services are within my wheel house, and I have some level of experience in each of them, but not enough to offer them as services beyond just strategic consultation. I would happy to refer anyone seeking these services to a trusted professional web developer who I have worked with in the past. Please let me know if you are seeking services in these areas so I can make an introduction.






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